This album is genius. It exemplifies what the world has been lacking. With all the hurting going on in this world, Shedrack has created a feel good album that we can all enjoy.Listen and be healed.”

— George Faison

Project Name

Shedrack Anderson

Hamilton Park

Shedrack Anderson's new album HAMILTON PARK focuses on the importance of self worth and inspiration in a world that lacks real heroes. He decided to create an album using real instruments while fusing intoxicating hip hop and trap beats to bring a new type of sound to the soul genre. In order to make something different, he knew he needed to go back to his roots in the south. He went back to his grandparents old neighborhood, HAMILTON PARK,one of the first african american housing developments in the south. A place that has been forgotten by time in Dallas Texas. A place where there was no hope and dreams died long ago, to find answers and strength to fix the issues that plague us all on a daily basis. This album hopes to use music as a vehicle toward healing, compassion and mental health.The goal is for each individual to realize we can all make a positive impact on this world.

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